Saturday, June 14, 2014

American North East Drift Schedule (Updated 6-15-2014)

Below is the Pending 2014 season's calendar unless more are added during the season this is it. Currently there's confirmed dates for Clubloose, Clubloose II, Clubloose NorthDrift SpotLebanon Valley Drift and ReadySetDrift.

Click the "Look for more" button or scroll down in the calender to show more events (it only shows about 40 days from the current date when it loads)

Clicking an event will expand it with more details. There's also a pretty slick print function if tattooing tree pulp is your thing.

Also available in iCal and XML




If you don't see your event on here you probably didn't give me any info, send me a message with the relevant information and I'll add it to the calender.



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